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Phillips 66 Multipurpose R&O 320 Circulating Oil


Phillips 66 Multipurpose R&O 320 Circulating Oil

This product comes in a 5 gallon pail and a 55 gallon drum


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Phillips 66 Multipurpose R&O 320 Circulating Oil is the ultimate solution for your industrial lubrication needs. This premium-quality oil is designed to provide superior protection and long-lasting performance in a wide range of industrial applications.

Phillips 66 Multipurpose R&O 320 Circulating Oil is a multi-functional lubricant that delivers exceptional wear protection, oxidation resistance, and thermal stability. Its advanced formula reduces sludge and varnish build-up, improving equipment reliability and extending equipment life. Its anti-foam and anti-wear properties make it an ideal choice for high-pressure hydraulic systems, gearboxes, and circulating oil systems.

This high-quality lubricant is compatible with a range of metals and elastomers, including copper, steel, brass, and aluminum, making it an excellent choice for use in systems with multiple materials.

R&O 320 Circulating Oil is available in a range of sizes to meet your specific needs, from small drums to large bulk containers. Its low pour point and excellent fluidity make it easy to handle and transfer, even in cold temperatures.

Whether you need a lubricant for industrial machinery, compressors, pumps, or hydraulic systems, Phillips 66 Multipurpose R&O 320 Circulating Oil is the perfect solution. Trust in the Phillips 66 brand for its commitment to quality and performance, and experience the benefits of high-performance lubrication and protection for your equipment.

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 16 in
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