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Yoder Oil / Need Larger Quantities? Order in Bulk
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We are an independent distributor/marketer of petroleum products and equipment in the Indiana, Illinois , Michigan and Ohio area. We provide an exceptional staff of sales, delivery, accounting, and supervisory personnel to meet our customers’ daily needs. We deliver quality lubricants, gasoline, diesel fuels, heating oils, white gas, kerosene, and undercoating. These outstanding services and products are provided to our residential, retail, commercial, and industrial communities. Yoder Oil is proud to have been a part of these communities now for over 80 years.

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    What Our Customers Say

    “Yoder Oil is efficient and gets our orders in on time!”

    “We are a pick up customer and the customer service is a pleasure to work with. Our sales rep Joe calls on us and handles our orders. We have no recommendations at this time, just keep up the good work!”

    “We are very happy with our deliveries and we get our invoices in on time. Yoder Oil does a wonderful job!”

    “We are very happy with how fast and accurate Yoder Oil is on our orders. We are pleased with our driver and he is doing an excellent job.”

    Main Areas Served


    Color coded areas represent (indicate or denote) Yoder Oil’s delivery coverage for free shipping. Yoder Oil will deliver on the following days:

    • C1 – Monday
    • C2 – Wednesday
    • E – Tuesday and Thursday
    • Ft – Friday
    • IN1 – Tuesday
    • IN2 – Thursday
    • M – Tuesday and Thursday
    • S – Tuesday and Thursday
    • W – Monday, Wednesday and Friday

    Your order must exceed $150 to qualify for free shipping within our delivery areas. Orders not meeting the minimum $150 purchase required would be handled through FedEx.

    If this timing does not work for your order, we offer Fed Ex shipping, which may be subject to an additional charge.

    Yoder Oil will not ship Internationally.

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