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Lucas Semi Synthetic 2 Cycle Racing Oil

Lucas Semi Synthetic 2 Cycle Racing Oil


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Lucas Semi-Synthetic 2 Cycle Racing Oil is a synthetic blend of mineral oil with a low ash additive that makes it a smokeless oil.  The result is a more thorough burning of the fuel resulting in more power and fewer emissions for a safer work environment.  You can expect cleaner exhaust ports and spark plugs, less carbon build up on the piston rings and under crown areas.  This product is recommended for all air and liquid cooled two stroke engines and lower specific output air cooled engines functioning under all operating conditions.  It exceeds the requirements for low smoke oils and is designed for use with oil injection systems where no oil and fuel premixing is necessary.

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Lucas Semi Synthetic 2 Cycle Racing Oil

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Lucas High Performance 2 Cycle Oil

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24/2.6 oz, 4/1 Gallons

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