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Phillips 66 Omniguard 220 Grease – 10/1 Case



Phillips 66 Omniguard 220 Grease is a semi-synthetic extreme pressure grease made for use in industrial and automotive equipment that operates in wet or corrosive environments.  It is specifically recommended for equipment that is in contact with contaminated water, saltwater and high temperatures.  It is made with a non-soap, calcium sulfonate thickener that protects against ruse and corrosion in high humidity and high temperature applications.  It also has great load carrying capacity, high shear stability and resistance to water washout.


  • Marine equipment, heavy mobile equipment and cables exposed to salt water
  • Paper machine wet and dry end bearings and hot calendar stacks
  • Rolling mills, hot roll tables, continuous casters, ingot buggies and slab mills
  • Steel mill roller bearings, conveyors and gears
  • Centralized lube systems and auto lubbers in service shops


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Phillips 66 Omniguard 220 Grease

10 tubes per case

Spec Sheet

Omniguard 220 Grease

Link to Phillips 66 Omniguard Website

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